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To order a YI HALO please provide your information and details
regarding the order, a representative will review your request and be in
touch with you soon after. If accepted we will send you a pro-forma
invoice, you can then purchase the YI HALO through bank transfer only.


The most advanced 3D-360 camera

Finally, a professional VR camera that combines high fidelity capture with versatility of use and robustness.


We worked from the ground up to meet the promise and challenge VR
poses for creators to craft truly immersive experiences. It is the first
Jump camera with an up camera (total of 17 unit cameras), allowing
users to experience the scene in every direction without missing a

Advanced image quality settings such as ISO, WB, EV, shutter and flat
color are supported in YI HALO to empower filmmakers to capture the
most spectacular moments accurately.

The YI HALO’s innovative geometry was designed with stitching in
mind. As the newest Jump camera, it was built to work with Jump
Assembler. Together they can produce high quality stitches and deliver
high quality stereo VR content up to 8K x 8K. To learn more, visit

Key Features

  • True Stereo 360 (8K x 8K 30fps; 6K x 6K 60fps)
  • Up View Camera (17 total recording cameras)
  • In Partnership with Google (Jump Assembler)
  • 100+ Minutes Battery Life
  • Totally Portable (<8 pounds)
  • Mobile App Remote
  • Touch Control
  • Modular/Upgradable (One click firmware upgrade)

What’s included?

  • YI HALO x 1
  • Controller x 1 (Assembled on system)
  • Backup Camera x 2
  • Battery x 1
  • Bluetooth Remote Control x 1
  • Charger & Charger Power Cable x 1
  • Screwdriver x 2
  • Power Cable x 1
  • Backup Cable Pack
  • Custom Pelican Case