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YI Action Camera Battery Replacement

RM 69

YI Action Camera Battery Replacement

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

Model: Sony AZ13-2  Voltage limit: 4.2V

The YI lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery is compatible with YI Action Camera and can be used as a spare or replacement.

Small and lightweight, this lithium
Polymer battery delivers efficient energy with less energy loss and can
be charged at any time inside the camera. With minimum capacity of
(990/1020mAh min/typ), it provides a long use time even during video

The YI battery has high temperature capability.

Up to 90 minutes of battery life with a high performance rechargeable battery (990/1020mAh min/typ)

Battery size is 36.7 * 32.6 * 9.1mm

The package contains: Battery, Box, Warranty card