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Chest Mount

RM 89.00

Innovative and low profile design captures unique angles

The premium chest mount is adjustable and comfortable.

It can be put on very quickly and simply with velcro straps without complicated clips.

The mount is highly secured on the top left side and features a stabilization design to reduce shakiness.

Premium Materials

Environmentally-friendly and comfort focused materials

YI is Chest Mount neoprene material is durable and comfortable for wearing.

The attachment of the mount to the wristband is handcrafted with premium stitching.

The high-quality plastic mount piece is finished with a 304 stainless steel bolt to prevent rusting.

Narrative Point of View

Sleek chest mount for many uses

Forget oversized and bulky chest mounts!

Capture your story with this unique point of view (arms, knees, ski poles, handlebars, etc.)

that will make your friends and family feel like they were there.