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MR56 - Modeo FullHD Internet Media Player


RM 229

User Manual
User Manual Download
User Manual - Network Settings Download
User Manual - Remote Control Function

UPnP Software (Windows XP)
Intel Tools For UPnP Technology Download
.Net Framework 1.1 package Download (For supporting Intel Upnp tools)

UPnP Software (Windows 7)

Video Format Convert Software
Format Factory

Watch Full HD Movie
Movie - GOTO FunctionMovie - Fast Forward/Backward Function

Jump to anywhere you like with time input. Press the button [9] or [GOTO] in remote control, then input the time you want to jump to.

You can fast forward or backward your movie with the speed 2x 4x or 8x by pressing the button [>>] or [<<] on remote control.

Net Radio[New]

Online Listen the whole world radio channels

Torrent Download (BT Download)[New]

Save the .torrent file into flash drive, then plug-in to the player

Go to [Net Download] -> [Torrent], then select the .torrent file, it will start to download

Xunlei Online Stream Video
Watch Videos directly from the XunLei ( server by using [Online Play] function.

Xunlei Download
The player network Download Platform is XunLei ( Which is one of the famous videos download server in China
Once you plug in your device with wire/wireless connected to the Lan, you can find the movie source from this platform by using [Ranking List] or [Pop Search].

Pop Search

You can search movies using [Pop Search].

Input the movie keyword with the remote control to search the movies.

After searching, it will list out all the movies with the keyword you inputed.

Ranking List

Inside the "Ranking List" you can find all the top ranking movies.

Ranking List separate in categories like "Top Movies in China", "Top Movies in Western Country" & etc

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This Player is registered under Malaysia Industry Design Patent