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1. Music Player always play when I pressed "Play" Button on Air Mouse!
A. Go to Settings > Apps > Press All > Disable "Music"

2. My player always hang/freeze/not responding!
A. Make sure you're using the latest firmware. Go to our driver site to download the firmware, please read the instruction included in archive before proceed.

3. Can I just unplug the power source without shutting down?
A. Absolutely not, it will corrupt the firmware and become hang/freeze. In worst case, you might need to reflash your firmware. You must shut down the player (LED become red) properly.

4. How do I shut down properly?
A. Hold power(bottom) 2-10 secs on your air mouse (without touching activate sensor at bottom) to shut down the player, it will prompt shutting down, after that screen will become black.

5. I saw a power(icon) in settings, I clicked and it won't shut down the player?
A. Please update your firmware to latest, go to our DRIVER site and download according to your Air Mouse type.

6. Why I can't turn on MR93 with Air Mouse?
A. Because MR93 doesn't have IR, so Air Mouse won't work while player has shut down.

7. While I playing MOTION games the character wont move!
A. Press "MOD" button once on your Air mouse to enter game mode. Mouse LED will become pink.

8. While I playing MOTION games, the mouse cursor will always move! How to stop it?
A. To lock the cursor, Air Mouse LED must be pink after "MOD" pressed. If it's blinking blue, turn off Air Mouse and try again.

9. I plugin my HDD and it won't detect?
A. Unfortunately due to insufficient power, some HDD will not detect. Try to use some USB hub with power provided. 
Click here to see: UH12A - Super 7-Port Hub (With Power)

10. I've turn on MR93 but no display?
A. Insufficient power will encounter no display, you can try to connect your usb to power adapter (not to TV). If problem persists, examine USB cable to see whether it's faulty.

11. How to browse files/folder?
A. Use File Manager or ES File Explorer

12. Can I access Network Shared File?
A. Yes, you can, with ES File Explorer

13. How to backup Apps to USB flash drive/SD??
A. Use ES File Explorer's App Manager

14. Where does ES File Explorer's backed up apps stored?
A. Local Device > backups > apps. 

15. What is the best apps to play all the video format?
A. 1.) MX Player from "Google Play store"
    2.) 暴风影音万能播放器 (BaoFeng) from "HiMarket" (安卓市场)

16. I've associated a default action with some apps, how to restore it?
A. Go to "Modeo settings" Applications > Manage Applications > Choose the apps> Clear Defaults
B. Go to "Android Settings" Apps > Choose the apps> Slide down and click "Clear Defaults"

17. How to use Voice/handwriting input?
A. Enable iFlytek Input method

18. My skype video call is not working!
A. Please update your Skype to latest version, the other person skype must up to date as well.

19. Anyway to get inform of latest update for all of my apps?
A. Go into Himarket(安卓市场), click 管理 > 软件升级
B. Go into Google Play Store, click the "download" icon > Click "Installed" > Look for the Apps you want to check update.

20. While using Skype Video call, I want to speak with Air Mouse's mic, but it keep using webcam's mic! How can I switch to Air Mouse? 
A. Currently there is no settings to switch USB channel. However, you can plugin the Air Mouse's dongle after webcam, so it will change to Air Mouse's mic. Just remember: The last pluged in mic will be used.

21. Youtube video won't load in built-in browser!
A. Try Chrome / Dolphin browser

22. Which internet browser is the best?
A. There are no best browser. Dolpin > Chrome > Firefox > Opera

23. What is the best way to watch HK Drama free?
A. *AzDrama (Website)
    *快手看片 (APK)
    *LETV (APK)
    *Kascend (APK)
    *QVOD (APK from Himarket 安卓市场)

--Known Bug--
1. Unplug & plugin any USB devices (even Air Mouse Receiver) will cause system freeze.
* Solution: Plugin USB devices before turn on MR93 to prevent freeze

2. System lag/freeze after plugin Air Mouse which is not corresponding to firmware version. E.g. KB33 on KB34 firmware. 
* Solution: Replace Air Mouse, or reflash the firmware according to your Air Mouse type. (KB33/KB34)

*Updated 17/4/2013*