Inno Supply & Services Sdn Bhd is reputable establishment founded in 2005 in Malaysia.

We take pride in being more than just a computer wholesaler; rather, we embody a profound philosophy that has guided us since our inception. Our core philosophy revolves around elevating people’s lifestyles through the wonders of the digital world, striving to offer an enhanced and seamless experience with technology. Moreover, our commitment to innovation has led us to design and patent several unique products, registered under Malaysia Law.

At Inno Supply & Services, we constantly seek to redefine gadgets, catering to the needs of niche customers and continuously improving each product to align perfectly with our customers’ requirements. With a strong focus on delivering excellence, we are dedicated to providing the utmost satisfaction to all our valued clients. Partner with us today and witness how we combine cutting-edge technology with an unwavering customer-centric approach.


Here are some brands we officially carry. We represent them with confidence and assure you that every product is authentic and of high quality. Additionally, we are committed to providing the best possible after-sales service to our valued customers.